The Balanced Request® Method

Balanced Request
The Balanced Request Method is the successful
way to carry out more balanced tenders that help
you reduce IT expenses without the risk of quality
losses – from a planned budget of 100,000 Euros
to several million.

Status analysis and target determination
With an incomplete or nonspecific service description it will be nearly impossible to find the perfect provider. Only those who clearly know their needs, can really describe their requirements. So our starting point for your tender is an analysis of what you really need and the exact determination of your tenders target.

Influencing factors
Together with your team our consultants will cooperatively characterize the four main stakeholders that should be involved in your tender process. These stakeholders individual interests are described as influencing factors, weighted and related to each other.


Proven frame contracts
We can provide standardized and proven frame contracts to embed your individual requirements. Along the whole process we have a specialized toolbox available to provide you with templates, tools, rating matrices and checklists. This helps us being some of the best-in-class and most efficient tender experts.

Comparable proposals
Only if you receive really comparable proposals from your bidders you will be able to decide which one makes the best offer. This is one of the main principles of the Balanced Request Method: the proposals are given in a strictly uniform scheme and are based on an exact description of your requirements .

Optimizes processes and methods
You should always use the opportunity of a tender process to review and refine the documentation of your processes and to audit and optimize the effectiveness of the methods and structures currently implemented in your organization. The tender consultant gives the necessary input to achieve this and reviews everything from a neutral point of view.

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