Selected reference projects Key figures

In a transformation tender process we have contracted the service delivery for a globally used engineering data system in the automotive industry. Before this tender the service delivery was contracted based on negotiations. A new 24x7 service model was designed and introduced.

  11 seperate lots
  5 bidders
  40 % cost reduction (> 3 M€ p.a.)

6 month project

For an engineering service company with more than 2.000 employees we have contracted the complete IT and communication services. An improved service model has been developed and introduced.

  3 seperate lots
  6 bidders
  20 % cost reduction

6 month project

For a leading automaker we have contracted the development and test drive of a mobile in-car internet system. Development and description of the desired service model. Development of a service description for the product development including detailed requirements for development and test scenarios.

  3 seperate lots
  5 bidders

4 month project

In a transformation tender process we have contracted
the global SAP 2nd level support for an industrial client. The support processes have been significantly improved and completely documented.

  1 lot
  7 bidders
  20 % cost reduction (0.6 M€ p.a.)

5 month project