Our expertise for your success  

For the past twenty years we have been a preferred partner for the consulting and realization of our clients' international and strategic IT projects. Using our experience in managing successful projects and our know-how in turning around endangered projects we help you reach your goals. The most important conclusion that we came to after working in countless projects for clients of all sizes is, that building something durable always requires a stable basis.
That is why we have invested all our professional knowledge into the creation of the Balanced Request Method. We are convinced that this will contribute to the value creation and success of IT projects within the organizations that trust in us.

Our experts support your organization during the whole tender process and beyond.
In advance of the tender process itself we advise you regarding the cost-benefit ratio of your planned tender. Based on benchmarks we analyze if a tender is the best available purchasing method in the current case or if another has more advantages.
During the tender process our experts are in charge of the complete tender management. We take care for all concepts being verified by the necessary internal experts and we propose additional innovations. Our experience with tenders in other companies and our market knowledge enables us to suggest the optimal technologies, suppliers and contract details.
Many of our clients are provided with a service manager or consultant to supervise the performance of the supplier during the whole contract period. If more than one supplier is contracted our service managers also help coordinating the different suppliers.



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